About Sindice

The Web of Data is the web composed of pages which have semantic markup in RDF, RDFa, Microformats or Microdata (e.g. schema.org). Semantic markup can be about any topic, ranging from popular ones like people, events, reviews, products, services etc., to specific scientific annotations, media, bioscience, software and more.

Sindice is a platform to build applications on top of this data. Sindice collects Web Data in many ways, following existing web standards, and offers Search and Querying across this data, updated live every few minutes. Specialized APIs , and tools are also available.

Sindice Research and Development

  • R&D Lead: Giovanni Tummarello
  • R&D: Marco Amadori, Stephane Campinas, Szymon Danielczyk, Renaud Delbru, Michele Fossati, Robert Fuller, Michael Hausenblas, Michele Mostarda, Stephen Mulcahy, Franco Ravagli, Giulio Cesare Solaroli, Gabi Valcu.
  • R&D alumni: Xi Bai, Tamas Benko, Paolo Capriotti, Michele Catasta, Diego Ceccarelli, Richard Cyganiak, Eyal Oren, Davide Palmisano, Daniel Parming, Gabriele Renzi, Holger Stenzhorn, Nickolai Toupikov, Jürgen Umbrich, Oana Ureche, Adam Westerski

Sindice.com advisory board

Sindice is joint research project between:

Sindice is supported by:

Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. SFI/02/CE1/I131,
IRCSET EMPOWER 2012 Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship (Renaud Delbru),
LOD2 Project (257943), LATC Project (256975), Cloud4Soa Project

Previously supported by the
OKKAM Project (ICT-215032) and by the ROMULUS project (ICT-217031),


To contact us email info@sindice.com or join our developers’ support group.

Thanks go to:

Roberto García - Rhizomik Service,
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